Saturday, December 19, 2015

Just a quick update!

So the long awaited time has arrived, this might be TMI for some, my period arrived! I never thought I'd be excited for this lol. It means I can start the initial testing for our IVF!

Today I got up early and made way to the lab for my day 3 of my cycle blood tests. They took five phials and from what I understand they will be checking for STD's (standard with IVF), as well as looking at my antibodies and hormone levels to make sure all is ship shape there.

Monday is ultrasound number one. This will be a baseline ultrasound where they will check how thick my uterine lining is, check my follicles and see if there are any cysts. The worst of this one is the fact I have to have a full bladder for it.

Wednesday is the one I am nervous about, the hysterosonogram. I have heard some horror stories of this one being quite painful. I need to take antibiotics starting the day before and take a couple advil beforehand to help with cramping. The good thing is the test is only 5 minutes and my mother in law is taking me so I don't have to worry about driving home sore. This is also great because I have some anxiety about this one.

Progress feels great, its nice to be able to DO something and get going after waiting so long!

In the meantime I am preparing for the holidays, making food, wrapping gifts, and trying to get my home super clean. If I have my way I will be starting those crazy meds soon and won't feel like doing much. Feeling so very lucky and happy!

I'll be back after my ultrasounds to talk about that experience, hoping it goes smoothly!

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