Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We finally got the next bit of news we were waiting for...we recieved our OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance) consent forms for our funded IVF cycle. Our turn on the waitlist is coming. I spoke with a scheduling nurse at OFC and she said it typically takes about a month for them to get around to approving it, at which point a nurse will call to schedule our cycle.

That being said I went in to CHEO about a month ago for genetic testing to formally diagnose my Neurofibromatosis 1. Genesis Genetics who will be doing our PGD will need it in order to build the probe that will test our embabies. The genetic councillor has told me it will take 4-6 months for the results however, she said when our names came up she would try to hurry it along. So that should buy us some time. After that it will take a while for Genesis to get the test ready. I met with my RE and he confirmed that we cannot start until everything is in place because the samples taking from our embryos will need to be fresh.

In the meantime work is drawing to a close for the summer (Yay!). One school is getting painted, including my library so borrowing has already ended for the year. The painters were in over the weekend so I am looking forward to seeing it when I am at that school tomorrow. Over the summer they are replacing the carpet so I'll have to get books back, organized and packed up by the end of June. We also have a 'pit' which will be filled in.

Jeremy and I are travelling to the East Coast afer I finish work, we will hopefully visit his sister in New Brunswick and see Nova Scotia and PEI. We haven't sat down and planned it out yet. Then in August we are going camping at Presquille Provincial park, we were there last summer and enjoyed it.

I am feeling very positive and excited, and seeing it coming I am content to just enjoy life right now :)

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