Thursday, August 11, 2016

Its hard to believe summer is nearly over already. I have about two weeks until I am back to work before the kids return to school! It has been a productive but restful summer.

We have made progress with our IVF and PGD. We have spoken to Genesis Genetics and they received my gene test results giving me a genetic diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type one, so its official. With my gene mutation confirmed Genesis had the information needed to proceed. We had a phone consultation with one of their genetic counselors and they sent us and my parents a cheek swab kit to help them develop our test - you can see an unboxing of the kit on my YouTube channel. I hope to vlog as well as continue blogging as we continue our journey.

Once they have received our swabs they will build the test they will use to screen our embryos, which should be ready 3-4 weeks after the swabs are received. The Genesis counsellor said we will likely be able to start IVF in September so everything is going well an moving along. As of now my focus is getting back to regular exercise, eating healthy and trying to bring my weight down. Since going on synthroid for my thyroid levels I feel like my weight has gone up, though not eating as well as I should is part of that for sure.

My aim is to do a kettlebell workout a minimum of 4 days a week, as well as walk. I am also thinking about doing a couch to 5k program if this heat wave ever breaks. I'll begin to post updates on my progress there too.

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