Saturday, October 22, 2016

So Close!

So the time has come, I am picking up my medications and going for training with the clinic nurse on Monday! I am to start my injections sometime next week whenever AF (Aunt Flow) decides to make an appearance!

It seems like forever since we started this process and to be honest it feels a little surreal to be so close to finally starting our cycle.

There are so many things going through my mind, I am feeling so many different emotions.I am excited first of all. I am also relieved to see things coming together. I am also anxious and scared. With our cycle there are still some challenges that could mean we don't even get an embryo transferred this cycle. For us that would mean taking a step back and saving up for a paid cycle. In order to consider our PGD test successful they want to have at least two affected embryos to be absolutely certain they have isolated the gene mutation. This means we need a lot of embryos as well to increase those odds. Eight are already covered in what we paid for the testing from what I understand, if there are any additional we will have to pay for them.

That fact is pretty nerve racking, but our RE seems tentatively optimistic.

I am getting anxious about how the stims are going to affect they way I feel physically and mood wise. Work is pretty busy - after packing up the library for the summer I am nearly finished putting it back in order and will be having the students in to borrow books while trying to finish up. I am in the process of trying to get volunteers to hopefully make things more manageable.

I am really nervous about Monday because I found out from one of the other ladies at the clinic that during the injection training they actually have you use an empty needle on yourself for practice. Which is a good thing of course, but I still hate the idea of poking myself with a needle - voluntarily none the less!

Anyways, I have a good distraction for the weekend. I am heading out shortly for some thrift store shopping with my best friend and then we are making pumpkin soup, carving pumpkins, and if the rain lets up decorating my front porch for Halloween. I will also be taking advantage and enjoying wine while I still can - gotta look at the silver linings!

Until next time,

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